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New Compact Pump Initiation Board

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We are pleased to announce the launch of our new highly compact pump initiation boards!

After some trials, testing and general playing around, we think we’ve come up with one of – if not the – smallest ‘plug-and-play’ pump initiation boards suitable mainly for wet riser applications.

The new boards are based on the same principles as our previous ones…

  • Bailey & Mackey LPCB-approved pressure switches
  • Ball valves for isolation and test (test valve include restricted orifice for fine control)
  • Bypass, with check valve on pump switch bypass, and orifice on jockey bypass
  • Open CPVC drain as standard, or optional full galvanised drain and/or inlet
  • Totally corrosion-free polypropylene mounting board
  • All pipework painted in our trademark silver hammer for better protection (and unbeatable looks!)

…but the size is now considerably reduced! The 3-way board shrinking from W600xH750mm to just W560xH500mm – a massive 40% reduction in wall-space!

As well as continuing to look pretty good, the size makes handling and mounting much easier, and the reduction in materials, labour and shipping costs enables us to price this new compact board at the pre-increase price of the older, larger model.

We hope you like it as much as we do, why not email us  Email Us now to ask for further information and pricing!

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