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Ultra-quiet compressor

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We launched our ultra-quiet compressor earlier in the year, but having received some good enquiries and orders, and coming up to main compressor season, we thought this could be a timely refresher.

At just 58dB(A), classified as ‘somewhere between a fridge and background office noise’, and being oil-free, with our new compact receiver design and paintwork, what’s not to love about our new quiet compressor?

Ideal for smaller systems, and perfect for where noise really matters (near to offices, reception areas etc), this is something we have been asked for many times but took a long period of research, sourcing and testing to bring you only the best product we could build. At just 0.75kw but up to 165lpm (5.8cfm) this is a highly efficient machine with many benefits.

For more details of the quiet compressor, please see our Data Sheet or Email Us .


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