ZONE GUARDIAN flow test device

Zone Guardian flow test device – trademark certificate and approvals update

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We are happy to report that enquiries for our new ZONE GUARDIAN flow test device continue to arrive almost daily. Several orders have been secured and delivered by us and our partner, Zeffire, but of course we don’t expect to see full growth until product approval is achieved – which we are working on as quickly as possible.

Last week we received our first feedback from a completed piece of work, where the installation was said to be event-free and subsequent testing successful – this is the start that we wished for.

We were also excited to receive in the New Year post, our Registration of Trademark certificate confirming our legal right to use and protect our branding. It appears as though whoever lodged the ‘Notice of threatened opposition’ to our application decided not to follow this through, although we were ready for an interesting discussion.

By way of approvals, we were extremely pleased that an initial batch of tests was passed before Christmas. A second pallet of units, for the next series of tests, was delivered to the approvals body in December and we have been informed that testing work has now recommenced. We still have a long way to go, but we’re up for the challenge and will certainly keep you updated.

To find out more about the ZONE GUARDIAN flow test device download our data sheet:

ZONE GUARDIAN Commercial data sheet

Or read more:



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