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Let’s talk about: Air Maintenance Devices

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Following on from our article last month ‘It’s Compressor Season Again!‘ (in relation to the increase in demand for compressors at this time of year, as alternate systems are switched over from wet to dry for the winter), we thought it might be useful to talk about Air Maintenance Devices, or AMDs.

AMDs are introduced into a system where fine control of air pressure is required (maintenance mode) as well as providing a ‘fast fill bypass’ for pressurisation from empty. The fine control element is ensured by using a quality air regulator, and a restricted orifice union ensures that any compressed air cannot overcome the pressure loss caused by a sprinkler head activation. In addition, a strainer helps keep the system clean of contaminants and a check valve ensures no additional pressure losses.

AMDs can be used where ‘works’ air is taken into the fire sprinkler system, or where a finer control is required from a dedicated air compressor with receiver. They should never be used on an air compressor without an air receiver, since this will cause jamming of the piston resulting in burn-out of the motor.

All of our AMDs are built and tested in-house, and pipework is painted in a silver hammer finish for both protection and clean looks.

We even manufacture our own compressor with an inbuilt air maintenance device, to reduce time and costs on-site, whilst also saving valuable space. This model is growing in popularity after being developed originally for the new Tottenham Hotspur football ground redevelopment.

For more information please see our full range of Air Maintenance Devices or Contact Us now.


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