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It’s Compressor Season Again!

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It’s that time of year when most alternate sprinkler systems are changed over from wet to dry for the winter months, as the risk of water freezing increases. Aside from our ‘new project’ sales, this is when we see a big increase in sales for ‘maintenance and repair’ reasons as some compressors fail to start up or work properly after sitting unused for several months.

These are unlikely to be one of our models, unless it’s one that has already ‘had a good innings’ (we are regularly asked to quote replacements for our own machines which are over 10, and in some cases up to 20 years’ old, so that’s not a bad sign!).

If you are in need of a compressor for your client, we offer a range which should suit every need…!

  • 230v or 3ph/400v depending on power supply (we can make to order certain 110v models on request);
  • 3-5 bar suitable for most applications, or down to below 1 bar (with fine differential control) for low pressure applications such as Victaulic dry valves;
  • WITHOUT air receiver, where the sprinkler system is acting as the pressure vessel and pipework is open (not restricted or regulated);
  • WITH air receiver for FM systems, low pressure or regulated applications (we also offer a model with integrated air maintenance device to save you time, expense and space);
  • From 5cfm oil-free up to 8.5cfm for wall-mount, and then up to a massive 27cfm belt-driven for large systems;
  •  Desiccant air dryers for area where there’s a high risk of ice plugs;
  • Specialist duplex models, where compressor pump backup is essential;
  • All accessories such as air maintenance devices, regulators, airline filters etc.

And, as always, if we don’t seem to have exactly what you are after then just ask! We have access to all key manufacturers and quality models so there’s only a tiny chance that we won’t be able to help.

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