Top 10 Tips for Compressor Installation & Maintenance

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We were asked this month for some compressor spare parts, and when we asked for the serial number, we tracked back in our quality system to find the compressor was well over 10 years old! Impressive.

On the other hand, you may be surprised – as we are – that some owners of compressors for fire sprinkler systems seem to have the unit installed, leave it in a dirty corner, and expect it to work forever with no further attention!

The expected life of any compressor – like your car – will depend on its working conditions, its environment, and how well it’s maintained. Our compressors are built to last (something which our longer standing customers will know very well), and will do so if looked after properly.

So, we thought it would be useful to summarise out top 10 tip to promote longevity…


  1. It is ideal to install the compressor in areas that are dry and free of dirt and dust, with temperatures ideally ranging only from 10-25o We know this is sometimes more easily said than done.
  2. In the case of lubricated compressors, it will have been filled with oil for factory testing, but it’s worth a quick check of the level. Spare oil is always provided.

Download our Top 10 Tips for Compressor Installation & Maintenance

Top 10 Tips for Compressor Installation & Maintenance

Top 10 Tips for Compressor Installation & Maintenance


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