Covid-19 Update: 6/4/20

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During current events, and despite our announcements, a number of customers have asked if we are still open, and what stock we have – so we thought an update would be helpful. We are continuing to meet all of our customers’ needs, and to the outside world our presence and service continues to be seamless. To minimise the risk to …

Coronavirus: Important Announcement

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In light of the Government’s recent announcements, we have taken the difficult (but what we feel is the right) decision to pause production of non-essential items to allow ALL our staff to stay at home. In this way, we are putting the health and safety of our people before our profit. In preparation, as per our previous update, we have …

Coronavirus Update From SEP

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We think we were one of the first to publish our contingency plans on 9th March – it seems so long ago now, and so much has happened in that short time. Things have been, are, and will continue to move very rapidly…and we are all hoping that the peak of new cases and deaths also approaches (and more importantly passes) …

Coronavirus Planning

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In the light of ongoing concerns across the globe and questions from some of our key customers, we thought it would be helpful for us to lay out our current plans to mitigate foreseeable impacts from the spread of COVID-19. Obviously, at this stage, no-one knows quite what is going to happen and – although we have not (yet!) witnessed …

air maintenance device

Improved Air Maintenance Device

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We have available several different models of air maintenance device, all designed to allow the fine control of air pressure from compressors complete with air receiver. We will shortly be updating our unique INTEGRATED air maintenance device, following ongoing testing under different situations. However, in the meantime, and following several recent orders for our STANDARD air maintenance device, we have re-designed …

sprinkler saves

Recent Fire Sprinkler Saves

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Every so often we find it useful to consolidate some information on recent fire sprinkler saves, and maybe some instances where someone was not so lucky. We haven’t done this for a while, so please see below: One of our customers, J&J, recently completed a residential installation in Colchester, and already this has prevented the spread of a chip pan fire after the activation …


Sale? Where?

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As the more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed, some of our SEP logos have subtly changed, and this will be feeding throughout our branding over the coming months. After some consideration, we have decided that the time has come to ‘streamline’ our name – which doesn’t actually say anything about what we do, and just causes confusion about where we are. The ‘Sale Engineering …

Reluctant Price Increases

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Despite three years’ ongoing and in some cases very high prices increases from component suppliers, we have managed to keep most of our own prices flat and have not imposed a cross-board price change since 2017. The GOOD NEWS is that this remains the case for most of our major product groups – there will be NO CHANGE in prices …

booster pumps

Jockey & Booster Pumps

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Over the past 12 months we have seen an increasing demand for jockey as well as other booster pumps, so we thought a quick ‘reminder’ to all our readers may be useful. As a nominated distributor for Grundfos, we have access to all of their models (most often the CRi vertical multistage pumps) through their online system, with the double benefit that you get …

New position: Assistant Manager

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Location: Cheadle WHO ARE WE? A small and rapidly-growing manufacturer of specialist components for FIRE SPRINKLER systems (test equipment, air compressors, booster pumps etc) – an important, interesting and growing industrial sector. Our focus is on quality, customer satisfaction and flexibility. Due to SIGNIFICANT GROWTH – driven by our ‘yes’ attitude, focus on new product development and globally-recognised product approvals …